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Teo Song Wei is an industrial designer based in Singapore. He collaborates with brands, agencies, and startups both locally and abroad. Together, they work to create innovative and compelling design solutions for the mass market. 
His professional car design experience spans across the United Kingdom, Germany, China, and Singapore, with stints at electric car startups like Nio and Xpeng.

As an Interior Design MA graduate from the Royal College of Arts, with prior education in Industrial, Transportation & Automotive Design, his multidisciplinary creative background has given him the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of creative projects. This has allowed him to have a multi-faceted approach towards innovation and product development, be it conceptual or commercial.

If you are interested in a collaboration, please write in to

Brands/ Agencies/ Startups

// EEZI (CN)
// Niutron (CN)
// studiokurbos (CN)

// Initial Design (CN)
// Xpeng Motors (CN)
// Changan (IT)
// Floorplan Collective (SG)
// Catalyst Motors (SG)


Services Provided 

// Product Creation
// Concept Generation
// Future Thinking
// Interface Design
// User Experience
// Design Strategy
// Brand Identity
// Trend Research 

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