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Xpeng G9

Concepts revolving digital immersiveness

Home Away From Home

Blurring the boundaries between living and commuting

Nio Eve Concept

Demonstration of design possibilities brought forth with self driving technology

Taxi for London

Redesigning of a timeless icon with inclusive design in mind


About us 

At studio1340, our client sees us as a valuable extension to their creative team. With extensive experience in automotive and industrial design, we combine our deep expertise to tackle the ever-evolving needs and requirements of our clients.

Founded in 2022 as a one-man agency, we have since grown into a small team to offer unique perspectives and skillsets to our projects. We seek to constantly reinvent ourselves and learn from our partners and clients to broaden our knowledge base and scope. We also form strategic relationships with external suppliers to ensure a holistic approach to meeting the needs of our partners.

Working with established brands, budding startups, and agencies alike, our clients are located in different parts of the world. While the list is growing, here are some of the companies we have worked with.


What we can offer

// Product Creation
// Concept Generation
// Future Thinking
// Interface Design
// User Experience
// Design Strategy
// Brand Identity
// Trend Research 

Say hello

Say hello

As much as we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships, we would also like to get to know more friends of the industry. Hit us up for a chat at

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